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A retail app automatically checks-in when the customer enters the store to deliver unified commerce showing personal and location aware offers based on prior online searches and prior in-store visits.

Subject to user permission, the retailer can monitor the user flow through the store from check-in to check-out.

As click-and-collect services are deployed by retailers, automatic check-in will notify the team member to retrieve the purchased item ready for when the customer arrives at the counter.

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Loyalty Programs

A loyalty app automatically checks-in and opens when the user enters a participating retail store, reminding them of their points balance and of any offers to deliver better customer service and an enhanced shopping experience.

Person-To-Person Payments

With automatic check-in, a payor can choose to make a payment when in close proximity to a merchant or to split a bill with a friend.

No need to share personal details, contacts, or to type or scan codes. Once the amount is entered , it is authorised and paid by the payor, without the need for a payment terminal or a point of sale system.

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When entering a medical practice reception area, an automatic check-in occurs on the medical app and automatically registers the patient into the medical practice ready for their doctor’s appointment.

The patient’s medical history is automatically presented to the practitioner, who can better prepare and focus on the consultation.

With payment configured within the medical app, an automatic check-out occurs when the patient simply walks out of the medical practice.


Upon entry into the airport, the transportation app automatically checks-in the traveller to airport services, airline lounge, provides flight status, directions to departure gate and even airline check-in.

Airline staff can send personalised messages to passengers and locate distracted passengers to reduce flight delays.

On board an aircraft, personal messages can be exchanged between passengers and crew for a more enhanced passenger engagement.

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Auto Service Centres

When a customer arrives at the auto service centre, their car manufacturer app automatically checks-in, presents the car service history with work and cost of the upcoming service.

The customer’s details are displayed on the service officer’s iPad, which offers the opportunity to quickly scan the customer’s history and then welcome the customer in a personalised and informed manner to enhance the customer experience.

At the time of pickup, the app automatically checks-in again when the customer arrives and the service officer is alerted to their arrival to welcome them and competently explain the work done.

The customer can pay the auto service invoice in app and drive away.

Business or Social

Members of a business or social group automatically check-in in a crowded venue to network and share contact details.

Group organisers can broadcast greetings and other public and even personal messages to attending members.

If required, organisers can enable secure in-app payments for benefit auctions conducted or other services provided.

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